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After two months of Fundraisedd, let's take some time to

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Hello friends,

Welcome to Fundraisedd, the newsletter that tells you all you need to know about fundraising and startup finance.

Over the past two months (and for those who may have missed the articles) I have experienced with multiple formats:

I have received encouraging feedback from all of you, and I want to thank you for your renewed support once again. However, I feel like the multiplicity of formats might hinder my ability to bring what’s most important: valuable, actionable content.

Therefore, I’d like to turn the attention to you this week 🙂.

To build Fundraisedd in the right direction, and to increase its value and actionability, I would love to understand the challenges you face as entrepreneurs, investors, or startup enthusiasts and how you think a newsletter like this one can help you overcome them.

I published a discussion thread this morning in which we can have a productive discussion about you and your entrepreneurial challenges. Based on the discussion, I will focus the weeklies on the topics that matter most to you!

So here it is:

💬 What is the most important challenge you are facing (or that you have faced) with your startup?

I’m looking forward to connecting with you all and helping you solve your entrepreneurial challenges!

Talk soon,



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